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Capacity building programme


Our capacity building programme is tailored to your needs. Once you are selected, we will co-develop a workplan to ensure that, in 50 hours, we can provide as much support as possible, installing and transferring capacities.

Strategic planning

We can help you develop processes to define your mission, vision, expected long-, mid-, and short-term results, as well as the key strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Having a strategic plan helps you make sure that every member of your organization is on the same page. You do not need to be a registered organization to want a strategic plan. It is all about ensuring that all your members are working towards the same change.

Policies and accountability systems

Having clear policies and procedures that guide your internal work; your relationship with donors, suppliers, and beneficiaries; and the code of conduct of staff and volunteers is essential for the smooth and transparent operation of your group. When trying to access funding for your group, donors may ask you for these policies.

Resource Mobilization

We help you prepare winning proposals but also understand and navigate the potential opportunities to access funding for your group. We can also help you explore alternative avenues to access funding (e.g., business planning to support the creation of social enterprises or crowdfunding).


You may have other needs. You may want to bounce ideas around with us because you are creating a new project/initiative and want some external opinions. Or you may need help understanding how to monitor a project to meet donors’ standards. We are flexible! The 50 hours will be invested to meet your needs.

How can we support you? Get in touch!

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