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Uganda 2021

IWORDS believes that local initiatives are essential and effective in providing alternatives to improve the quality of life of communities.

For this reason, it has supported the birth and creation of ‘Thrive Teens Development Center’ (TTDC) in Uganda, with the intention of supporting ‘many girls to achieve their full potential in their lives’.

The main motivation of its founder Annet Kampira and her team has found its cause in the high percentage of girls who drop out of school because of teenage pregnancy, broken families, and poverty.

It is important to mention that, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation of many women—especially those whose fundamental rights are not guaranteed—has worsened substantially, affecting vital aspects such as their health and opportunities to educate themselves and to be part of an economically active society.

Some documents, like the statutes, that guarantee the governance and good practices of the organization have been prepared and shared with the Board, members of which were previously selected.

The Thrive Teen Development Center comprises an excellent, well-prepared and diversified team, which will guarantee knowledge and experience in the different areas that the organization requires to achieve the mission and purpose for which it was created. 

IWORDS Global has accompanied TTDC’s team throughout all its registration process at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as an official non-profit organization, according to the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Regulations, 2009. Also, some of our experts have guided TTDC in the creation and formulation of its institutional Theory of Change, where they have identified three main strategic areas:

1. the improvement of girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights including access to services access.

2. the sustained reduction of gender-based violence affecting girls.

3. the increase in girls’ economic empowerment. 

As part of the institutional strengthening process, IWORDS has supported the construction of the Strategic Plan which will be the organization’s roadmap for the next five years, based on the Theory of Change mentioned above.

Objectives and activities for each strategic line have been carefully chosen and delimited, taking into account internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats from the external context.

Another important process has been the design and selection of a series of indicators related to the objectives proposed for this strategic period, which aim to notify them about the progress of the achieved results.

Process, management and result indicators make up the new TTDC indicator protocol, which is linked to the Operational Plan for the first implementation year of the Strategic Plan document previously mentioned. As a fundamental strategy for the generation of a monitoring and evaluation system, TTDC also takes into account the creation of strategies aimed at learning and systematizing successful experiences and lessons learned.

TTDC selected two main institutional objectives that seek to strengthen and consolidate administrative internal processes as well as its external communication strategy.

Currently, TTDC is finishing its Resource Mobilization Plan, which consists of clear, diversified, and forceful strategies and smart objectives (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely), through which it seeks to guarantee the sustainability of the organization in the medium and long term.

TTDC has a powerful team that is aware of the need of focusing its efforts in establishing partnerships with both the public and private national sector, as well as with international organizations that are open to supporting their main goal and the strategic actions they are planning on implementing in the most deprived and unequal areas of Uganda. 


*Foto from TTDC website*


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