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  1. What is IWORDS Grassroots? 

IWORDS Grassroots is a specialized unit of IWORDS Global—a social entrepreneurship with over a decade  of experience in human rights, development, and sustainability. It aims to strengthen civil society  organizations, multilateral agencies, movements, networks, and social responsibility efforts, and support  them in their work in reaching the most vulnerable populations. Until 2020, IWORDS Global had a single  identity and three institutional units were in charge of the service provision: institutional strengthening,  linguistic services, and design. Beginning in 2021, IWORDS Global has become the umbrella company of  three specialized units: IWORDS Consulting, IWORDS Communications, and IWORDS Grassroots.

IWORDS Grassrootsis our social responsibility unit. We support locally-led groups in their efforts to create  change at the community and individual level. We do so by providing tailored support in strategic planning,  project design, policies and accountability, and monitoring and evaluation.

Our team is aware of the most challenging situations that organizations must face and deal with  throughout their journey: defining administrative procedures; creating proper governance tools and  policies; assuring resources and financial sustainability, especially in times of crisis; selecting adequate  strategic actions that are relevant and coherent with the mission and vision of the organization; as well as  keeping morale high among the team during difficult moments, among others.

Supporting others and helping community-based organizations, networks, and collectives to be better  and to achieve their full potential is our inspiration. We understand their individual characteristics and  we value those differences. This allows us to propose specific solutions and options for developing  strategies that lead them on a path of improvement where they can build new and necessary skills. From  IWORDS Global, IWORDS Grassroots is also ready to make the world a better place for everyone.

IWORDS Global’s, and therefore IWORDS Grassroots’, approaches are always outcome-oriented, human centred, pragmatic, adapted to the local circumstances, challenging, and innovative. The concepts of  inclusion, active participation and protection of all relevant stakeholders, gender equality,  intersectionality, maximization of rigor (feasibility, precision, and transparency), no harm, and cultural  sensitivity are fundamental principles and approaches of our work and the initiatives we develop.

  1. Call for proposal 

IWORDS Grassroots announces its second call for the Capacity Building Programme for non-profit  organizations. This programme will provide small and medium-sized organizations access to consulting  services for the creation and strengthening of their institutional and organizational processes, with the  objective of having adequate work routes that guarantee their financial and programmatic  sustainability. The selected organizations are lead mainly by young men and women who, as agents of  change, aim to contribute to the generation of innovative solutions and the implementation of actions  for the social and economic progress of the communities to which they belong. These organizations  are expected to focus their missions on initiatives that support the fulfilment of the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the improvement of the quality of life of people—specially the  younger generations—and the protection of the planet Earth..

The organizations’ proposals must have a medium-term impact, be innovative, and generate clear results.

  1. IWORDS Global and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 

Always committed to the initiatives aimed at making the world a better place, IWORDS Global and its  specialized units: IWORDS Communications, IWORDS Consulting, and IWORDS Grassroots recognize the  youth as promoters of positive and innovative actions that seek to generate social change in the rural and  urban areas of their communities.

IWORDS Global identifies the need of supporting youth-led projects, which in the medium and long term  will translate into progress and transformative actions for humanity. For this reason, and as part of its  corporate strategy of social responsibility, IWORDS Global through IWORDS Grassroots wants to support  those groups, community-based organizations, and networks that play an important role in the  achievement of sustainable development, the crisis prevention, and the promotion of peace and better  living conditions for all, as contemplated in the Sustainable Development Goals and other international  frameworks.

IWORDS Global strongly believes in a world where all people, specially youth, can effectively exercise their  human rights and with them, the possibility of developing their maximum potential for their own benefit  and that of their communities, understanding their shared responsibility in the follow-up and fulfilment  of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We want to be a part of the change by putting our  experience and knowledge at the service of those who want to commit to designing and making high impact strategies a reality. We invite you to work as a team because it is everyone´s duty!

  1. Who do we support? 

We receive application forms from grassroots, groups, or collectives that:

-are non-profit organizations, groups, or networks;

-are led and made up of young men and women (under 35 years old)

-their budget is below USD 30,000;

-have as a mission the promotion and effective enjoyment of the human rights of the most vulnerable  ones, specially the children and young people of their communities.

-work on initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals that aim to protect the planet, reduce  the effects of climate change, and sustainable development, in order to benefit future generations. 

-demonstrate that their actions are inclusive and defend human rights, without any type of discrimination. -can evidence their commitment to collaborate with other civil society actors interested in working with  young people in vulnerable situations.

-work involving young people in subjects that are directly related to one or more of the following topics:


food safety 


sexual and reproductive rights  

gender-based violence  

environmental protection 

citizen participation 

The selected organizations, collectives, or networks (three) will be those that have strategies aimed at  making visible and reporting events that threaten the effective exercise of human rights of young people,  as well as the generation of impact actions in the short and medium term that improve their quality of  life, within the framework of sustainable human development.

5. What kind of organizations will not be able to be part of our programme?

  • Grassroots organizations, collectives, or networks whose mission does not include any aspect related  to the well-being of young people or that in anyway promote any type of violation of their fundamental  rights.
  • Collectives whose work team does not include young personnel.
  • Collectives founded by political parties or government agencies, or that are structurally or economically  dependent on them.
  • Companies/businesses or individuals.
  • Organizations whose budget exceeds USD 30,000.
  • Organizations and work teams that do not have a willingness to change and an express commitment  of responsibility towards the programme and activities suggested.
  1. Documents to attach and submit with the application

-A letter (one page maximum) explaining why you consider IWORDS Grassroots support to be important  to your organization, the kind of support you want, and what impact you can expect to generate once  this support ends. You should also tell us about your work, your members, and the change you are  creating (or want to create).

-Three references from organizations or entities that talk about your work. They must send a video or  a letter mentioning why we should support you and why this process would be important to you.

  1. Deadline for submitting the application

You must send all the documents previously mentioned to the email address: (video expressing your interest and three references), no later  than October 2nd, 2021, 21 h pm London (GTM).

  1. Steps to follow after submitting your application

After submitting your application (attaching letter and three references), the steps that follow are:

  • IWORDS Grassroots will receive, review, and evaluate the application upon publication; ● the evaluation stage includes a meeting with the applicant organization;
  • the entire evaluation process of an application takes a maximum of one week; ● our team will notify via email the acceptance or rejection of each participant in the process.  ● we will select three (three) organizations and you will certainly hear from us.
  1. What support can you expect from IWORDS Grassroots?

We are offering 40 hours of free support provided by experts on institutional development. This  programme will be developed in a three-month period. During this time, we will define an objective as  well as follow a work plan where our best consultants and professionals will give the support, assistance,  and transfer of knowledge that your team may require.

IWORDS Grassroots is ready to help you be part of the change you yourself want to make in the world!

10. What are the topics in which we offer support?

IWORDS Grassroots will define a work plan according to the needs of your organization, with the  purpose of developing a capacity-building programme in any of the subjects mentioned below:

Strategic planning: processes to define your mission, vision, and expected long-, mid-, and short-term  results, as well as the key strategies that will help you achieve your goals and have a team that works for  the same objectives.

Policies and accountability systems: having clear policies and procedures that guide your internal work,  your relationship with donors, suppliers, and beneficiaries, and the documents that assure good  governance practices are essential for the smooth and transparent operation of the organization.

Resource mobilization: we help you create a realistic and proper resource mobilization strategy that  includes all potential opportunities to access funding for your group (donors, business plans,  crowdfunding, remittances, etc).

Monitoring and evaluation and learning: we support you in the creation of indicator protocols as the  main tool for monitoring the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Drafting and presentation of proposals to donors: we help you and teach you to write winning proposals.  We know what donors require, need, and expect from you.

Communication and strategic visibility: we can give advice on the development of a successful  communication strategy that internally and externally guides the team on how to position the  organization.

Other topics on which we can share our knowledge and expertise and that your organization may  require. Just let us know!

  1. Some resources we recommend

As our IWORDS Grassroots work is self-funded, we can only support a limited number of organizations  per year (12). Nevertheless, we would like to suggest some resources that are in the public domain and  that could be useful for your process:

  1. You can also support IWORDS Grassroots and other peer organizations

IWORDS Grassroots is currently self-funded by IWORDS Global’s profits. However, we have the expertise  and desire to support more grassroots organizations. We understand the essential role they play in their  communities, their contribution to demanding accountability from local authorities and community  leaders, and the challenges and threats they face when implementing their work.

If you know any person or any entity or organization that is willing to support us and can be a potential  donor, do not hesitate in sharing our information with them: 

We also appreciate what you can do for others and for us!


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